5 future Technologies that will Revolutionize the World…

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Technology has already impacted every aspect of our lives, even if we don’t realize it. Be it the way we travel, communicate, educate, facilitate or rejuvenate. One must be on his toes all the time to match the fast-paced world of technology, even if he ain’t interested.

This article will surely enrich you with seeds of information about future innovations you need to know.

1- Array of Things (AoT)

If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you’re devoid of the basics about your future. This technology relies on collecting real-time information about various urban activities to facilitate common men and infrastructure planners alike.

A complex web of sensors placed on light poles, traffic signals, and other top places are to be put in place for this gargantuan project. This project was initially started in Chicago in 2016.

2- Genetic Fortune Telling

What if I tell you that a mechanism capable of forecasting traits of an individual and probabilities about his future diseases at his birth is already in place? Doesn’t it sound surreal? It surely does.

Genetic scientists believe that a lot of common traits among individuals, patterns of their diseases, and even varying levels of intelligence are a result of millions of genes acting in concert. So, don’t act alien if your future generations receive a DNA report, comprising “polygenic risk scores” as soon as they are born.

3- Hyperloop

Technology lies at the crossroads of science and innovation. Hyperloop is one such ambitious project which banks on basic principles of physics.

In a nutshell, this concept imagines express passengers-carrying pods passing through specialized tubes. A sufficient amount of air had already been sucked out of these pods to reduce friction.

The practical use of this technology is within touching distance. So get ready for an astonishing revolution in transportation.

4- Self-Driving Cars

Unless you have a chip on your shoulder for such aspiring possibilities, it is hard to ignore self-driving cars. Approximately, 94% to 96% of overall accidents are caused by human errors according to a survey. Self-driving cars can take this possibility out of the equation.

Companies like Tesla are trying hard to make you sit back and relax while the car rides you towards your destination.

5- Mixed Reality

Reality is already a contested concept in this postmodern world. With the kind of dimension mixed reality provides, the debate will get further heated. Mixed reality simply means the coexistence of digital and physical entities.

How would you feel chasing characters that don’t exist physically but can’t deny the truth about their virtual reality?

Don’t be puzzled, just grab your popcorns and enjoy the show.

Apart from time, technology seems the only thing that doesn’t wait for its contemporaries. It’s only a matter of time before you are overwhelmed by sweeping revelations with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. So, it’s better to start anticipating some kickass stuff.

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